SPIRIT GRAPE is a company located in Cascais, Portugal and our main objective is to promote and sell Portugueses wines.

We currently work with two regions: DOURO and TEJO, trying to proportionate the best experience possible in trying our wines.

We are proud to have a different approach to this industry. As we all know it a very traditional market, so we at SPIRIT GRAPE try to maintain our traditions because they are so important to our story and make us who we are today. But it was vital to be a bit different.... as you can see we have a different approach in our images, we try to maintain our traditions but give it an innovative twist! We try to deliver the best of each region, with the sole purpose to expose you to a pleasant experience.

As we like to mention our wines are " PORTUGUESE SPIRIT... DOURO SOUL"


Steven Varges

Owner of Spirit Grape 


We are proud to introduce our most innovative product... our one and only GALHARDA Wines.

In Portugal we have a very ancient tile history, so we grab some of our history and put it in a bottle! Looking for a cool, vintage look, are other main concern was to deliver a fine wine. That is why all of our GALHARDA are DOC DOURO.

No matter if you are sipping on our red, or having some shell fish with four white or rose with family or friends,  you can always count in our quality.

The DOURO valley is one of the most prestigious wine regions in the world. It was the first demarcated and regulated wine region in the world ( since 1756). Due to its unique terroir and climate, the region produces fine table wines as well as Port wines. We work hard to maintain the tradition and history of the DOURO , but always with a touch of technology and innovation.

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