VARGOSA SEASONS e a nossa linha em homenagem a Mae Natureza e as suas respectivas Estacoes do Ano.

Esta garrafa representa a PRIMAVERA


VARGOSA SEASON´s is a line that we develop in order to honor our 4 Seasons of the Year.

This is representative of SPRING.

This red vwine is from the TEJO region.


ANO / YEAR: 2018


CASTAS /GRAPE VARIETALS: Antao Vaz ( 40%), Arinto (30%) & Sauvignon Blanc( 30%)


COMIDAS /FOODS: Pairs well with salads, light pastas and shell fish


ALC.%: 12


4,95 €Price
  • Looking for a young, fresh white wine, with a great acidity and well balanced this can be a good choice!